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Welcome to the Sim Electronics blog.

I began this site to provide information on building cheap custom hardware interfaces for the X-Plane flight simulator using Arduino-compatible, low-cost Teensy USB boards. Nearly all the knowledge in this specific field was tied up in one behemoth thread on the forums, which is extremely awkward to browse. My aim is to make this site a useful resource and source of inspiration for fellow hardware builders.

I’ve been playing around with electronics since January 2011, when I discovered that cheap generic USB interface boards existed, and asked if they could be used for custom hardware for flight simulators. I got in touch with Paul Stoffregen, creator of Teensy, who responded by writing a very robust and easy-to-use interface between Teensy and the X-Plane simulator. Since then I’ve been gleefully scouring eBay for cheap components, mounting them to plywood sheets, and connecting them to the X-Plane sim using Teensy USB boards. The staggeringly low price of the electronics means it’s practical to build custom, modular hardware for individual X-Plane aircraft.

In the future, I hope to extend the site simulators other than X-Plane and microelectronics other than Teensy – I really ought to get hold of the Raspberry Pi.

Disclaimer: There is nothing to disclaim! I have no relation to PJRC, Laminar Research, Teensy, X-Plane, the Arduino organisation, or eBay’s electronics vendors except as a very satisfied customer.

You can contact me by email at

– Jack

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